05/07/2017 | press information

First use WELDWEB for rent in Spain

Talleres Corral Mecanizados S.L. was founded in 1958. While the family business initially concentrated on the production and repair of agricultural machines, it now offers its national customers complete systems for the armaments industry, the railway sector and the food industry.

The use of new technologies has contributed to this from the beginning.

Since October 2016, a new software solution from RIFF Systemhaus GmbH has been used in the field of welding technology.  WELDWEB simplifies both the creation and management of welding procedure specifications and provides a better overview and control of the welding procedure qualification records, as well as the qualifications of welding personnel. This saves time and avoids unnecessary errors.
As a web application, this application is available worldwide.

WELDWEB for rent offers as „Software as a Service“(SaaS) the greatest possible flexibility, full cost control and service advantages. It relieve the IT department, since complicated downloads, installations or importing of updates are no longer necessary. WELDWEB for rent provides security through encrypted connections to a secure server together with regular backups performed by RIFF Systemhaus GmbH; the user is always „up to date“, since the most up-to-date software  version is immediately available when logging into the application; this includes changes in standards and regulations.