Management software for plant engineering

Several man-years of program work and the know-how of experienced engineers have gone into the program development of BIMASWEBBIMASWEB is continuously developed further. This has resulted in a high level of acceptance of the program among users.



Your advantages at a glance

  • High efficiency and low operating costs
  • Shared, simultaneous, and secure use of data by all project stakeholders.
  • Easy installation and uncomplicated operation
  • Management of associated documents
  • User administration (group rights/user assignment per project)
  • Multilingual interfaces (DE/EN as standard, PL/FR, etc. optional)

Fact Check

Program features

  • Capture of the welding details of the assembly drawing
    (welding plan positions)
  • Recording of all welding and testing specifications for the project (preparation of the welding and testing plan).
  • Recording the qualifications of the welding and testing personnel of the participating companies.
  • Recording and documenting the welds, anneals and NDT tests performed.
  • Welding plan related preparation of welding and testing customer documentation (final documentation, document management).
  • Status report on progress and quality documentation of the work performed (monitoring).
  • Provide project management with up-to-date information to optimize quality and performance.
  • Target and actual status of the production status can be displayed graphically. Emerging bottlenecks and deviations from the plan are thus detected at an early stage.