Chronological Company History

Foundation Riff- EDV sole proprietorship
Begin with software development
Changed company location and name
Software development with Borland-Delphi
Software usage on a large construction side
TÜV NORD ordered Weld4TNS
Enlargement of the offices
Presentation of the Welder ID card
Moved to new location
New building
BIMAS WEB started
Finished the new building
Riff WEB as an app
Foundation in September 1994 as Riff-EDV Einzelunternehmen in Herne, Lützowstr. Riff-Lützowstr
Started software development with Power Builder & Sybase DB for Babcock- Borsig – WeldTech
Enlargement of the offices, Moved to Innovationszentrum am Westring in Herne, changed name to Riff Systemhaus GmbH Riff-Westring
Weld 2000 – Software to track your welders, PQRs and WPSs.BIMAS 2000 – Managementsoftware for KW-Neubau
Development and usage of BIMAS 2000 at the construction of Block K in Niederaussem(BOA 1). Development and usage of Weld 2000 by TÜV NORD to create documentation and certificates.
TÜV NORD uses Weld4TNS to track PQRs with RIFF-Software. Weld4TNS is the new version of WELD 2000. It uses a shared database in HH for all 50 User and can be used online or offline.
Enlargement of the offices, moved to Bochum
SmartCard “Welder ID card” has been presented at the trade show & Schneiden 2005.
Moved to Herten in 12 office containers. And started building our new office
Building of a new office in HertenBaustellenschild
Release if the first WEB application (BIMAS WEB). Our customers GE and MHPS use this software on all their construction sides.
Development of an app for mobile devices. Users can access data from the desktop version.


Our Team

Alexandra Riff

Management Assistance

Benjamin Lehmann

Head of development. Since 2008 at RIFF Systemhaus.

Danny Thomas Baluch

Software Developer

Florian Almaliotis

Software Developer

Lars Baumeister

Software Developer. Since 2013 at RIFF Systemhaus.

Marek Maćkowiak

Software developer. Since 1998 at RIFF Systemhaus.

Mike Hecker

Sales Manager