Welder Qualification Certificates


Welding Procedure Specifications


Welding Procedure Qualification Records


Production Tests

The origin of WELDWEB

The application WELDRX, which has already been successfully used in many national and international companies, has been further developed technically. This has led to the application WELDWEB, the welding software solution. WELDWEB supports its users in quality documentation of welder qualification certificates, welding procedure specifications (WPS) and welding procedure qualification records (WPQR).

Fast simple preparation and registering
Actualisation of codes (ASME) and Standards (EN)


Simplified generation of and filing of Welder Qualification Certificates to EN ISO.
Option: EN ISO 14732 and ASME IX (WOPQ, WPQ).

Welders Certificate

Simplified generation of and filing of Welding Procedure Specifications to EN ISO 15609-1, including filing of relevant digital documentation.
Option:EN-ISO 15609-2, -3, -4, -5, -6 and ASME IX WPS for manual arc welding processes

Welding Procedure Specifications

Simplified recording and filing of essential frame data from your Welding Procedure Qualification Records per Welding Procedure Specification to EN ISO 15614, including filing of relevant digital documentation.
Option: ASME IX PQR for manual arc welding processes.

Welding Procedure Qualifications

Selection from your database the certificates, WPS’s and PQR’s applicable for a specified welding task.

Welding Tasks (Planning)

All modules access this to accelerate input. This includes technical gases, weld consumables, base materials and joint preparation

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Welding Qualification Certificates

  • Capture and manage the documentation of welding certificates in according to EN 287-1, DIN EN ISO 9606, parts 1 to 5
  • Log welder utilization/performance for maintaining qualification validity
  • Prepare and issue lists, e.g. list of all valid welder qualification for process 111
  • Validate welder qualification for a specific welding task
  • File and store associated documentation for welder qualification

Welding procedure qualification records (WPQR)

  • Capture (record) and manage basic data of each WPQR
  • Validate/assign WPQR as qualifying a specific (given) task (WPS)
  • File and archive documents for the WPQR

Welding procedure specifications (WPS)

  • Capture (record) and manage basic data of each WPs, both Standard and Project specific
  • Compile and issue Registers/Lists of all welding related documents (e.g. Register of all available welding procedure specifications)
  • Validate/assign WPQR as qualifying a specific (given) task (WPS)
  • File and archive documents for the WPS

Production tests

  • Management of production tests

Welder stamp assignment

  • Management of welder stamps

Welding task

  • Select welder, WPS and PQR for specic tasks


  • Create simple weld joint sketches to integrate in WPS

Basis incl.

  • Minimum runtime 6 months
  • Support- and  Maintenance agreement
  • 1. named KeyUser
  • User Rights management (Manager, User, Guest)
  • Language selection DE/EN

Additional features / modules

  • 3 concurrent User (later enlargement possibly)
  • Additional concurrent user
  • Extra selection of language (spanish, french, dutch, polish, portuguese, chinese, russian)
  • EN ISO 14732
  • EN 1090 WEB