DIN EN 1090 demands that manufacturers of structural steel to establish and maintain a factory production control system. EN 1090 WEB supports you in providing status of quality and safety relevant process steps within the fabrication, recording and documenting them.

Contents that convince

+Project Management
Preparation and administration of Project (Project name, Comments) and filing applicable documents
+Factory Production control
Register and file
– Contract- and design verification
– material purchase
– receiving inspection
– fabrication
– Welding work
– NDT of weld seams
– Corrosion protection
– erection/assembly
– Inspection
– Release
Filing of all associated documentation.
Record performance to provide the Declaration of Performance
Record data required for the issue of CE Mark
+Administration of User rights
Issue and file the User rights (Full or restricted); The Basis packet contains the groups Supervisor, User and Guest
The programme provides two reports: WPC Checklist and Declaration of Performance, including CE Mark
Such reports are issued in PDF-Format.

Worldwide usage – also for small & middle companies

Simple to understand, excellent performance and good price/service ratio.

  • High efficiency and low operating cost
  • Shared, secure access to data
  • Rapid, error free resulting from selection of stored data
  • Simple installation, operator friendly
  • User administration – Group/User Assigned for each project
  • Multi-lingual interface (DE/EN are standard)

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