Your advantages at a glance

  • High efficiency at low operating cost
  • Secure use of shared data simultaneously by all Project users
  • Simple installation, operator friendly use
  • Manage applicable documentation
  • User administration (Group rights/user assignment to a project)
  • Multi-lingual operation interface (DE/EN/PL are standard)


The development of BIMASWEB includes several man-years of programming coupled with the Knowhow of experienced engineers. BIMASWEB is being continuously developed to gain more user acceptance.


Program Functions

Collate design details for welding technology to Drawing
(Weld Plan Position)

Compilation of welding and non-destructive examination (NDT) requirements for the Project
(Preparation of weld and test plans)

Register qualifications for welders, inspection personnel of assigned companies.

Record and document the welding, heat treatment and NDT activities as executed.

Preparation of weld and test documentation as required by Client (Final documentation)

Compile status reports for progress and quality of work performed for issue as required.

Readiness to prepare current status for Project Management for optimising quality and performance.

Plan versus actual status of fabrication status in graph form can be issued.

Potential delays, shortfalls and deviation from the planned schedule can be recognised early.

BIMASWEB actual – Facts

Weld and Inspection Plans
NDT (40% RT)


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